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Reflecting as if it was only Yesterday.

Posted on 2008.01.01 at 01:08
Current Music: Susperia: Of Hate We Breed
Well It's 2008 now wow. Seems as if 2007 has flown by. Many things have happen over the year and several things have enlighten me to better places. When reflecting over the year I look bad and have had much good times as well as madness. over all the 2007 has really helped me musically and has shown me how much Hilary and I are stronger then before. I feel Hilary and I have had some journey of good and bad. No need to go into the details of our Relationship besides the fact I adore and love her unlike no other. Musically I have had a shitty year. With my departure from the band of Ilvestgrol and Entangled in Agony. Andrew and I still friends with no hard feeling as well as keep in contact here and there. For Joel and Lorenzo we are no longer friends. It started as Lorenzo and I argued about musically progression and style of which we both would like to do, which honestly is stupid to argue over. Then with me leaving the band and studio Joel cut me off. No hard feelings toward him. I could understand a bit for my times as an egotistically asshole and what not. But still I tried to keep in contact with him and remain friends but guess he felt differently. But through this all I really have my mind set towards what I want to accomplish musically this year and to progress as. As fucked up as the bands were I'm glad for it showed me what not to do as well as act. also what I truly plan to work towards. I look at 2008 as the year to become a free individual. I plan on setting my goals towards 1. Driver license 2. Moving out from my parents house to become independent to face the challenges of reality on my own place and work 3. To hit college for building a career. 4. Working towards my musically dreams. That sums up the big goals of this year. Got 364 days to get them done, Its a long shot but I believe I can get them done.

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