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Inner Self

From the Depths

Posted on 2008.01.22 at 02:38
Current Music: Dissection: Night's Blood

Well been a few since I've updated. LJ is like one of those things I have to be in the writing sense of mood. Since I don't share or put lyrics more of the fact of afraid of putting them online before in a liner notes for a album or something. With so many posers and fakes trying to live there lives through others creation and ideals. Perhaps one of these days I'LL just say Fuck it and starting putting up my writings but whatever. Anyways So Hilary and I celebrated out 7year anniversary on January 14TH. I booked us a room in Monterey to see the Ocean, go shopping at cool little stores and the Bay Aquarium. The trip wasn't just a anniversary trip but a must needed change of scenery. The trip was awesome still missing Monterey as of now. We left on the 14TH early evening, we got pretty cool traffic wasn't bad at all which was nice(can't stand traffic). So we arrived at our LODGE around 8ish PM. Our room was awesome we had huge bed, fireplace, personal hot tube and many electronic devices around the room. When we arrived we unload all our crap and chilled for a sec. Then we head across the street to pick up some shit we forgot and wanted for the room from Longs DRUGS and Walgreens. We returned to our room and both took a Happy PILL and relaxed for a bit watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind which is an amazing movie I must add. Anyways on point so after chilling for awhile in our most awesome room we wanted to go out and get some food. So we got ready and headed out cruising Monterey looking for a good place to eat but everything was already closed and we didn't feel like Denny's or Tacobell. So we headed to the 24 hour Safeway and searched around until we decided that we would make bagel sandwich's which we amazing they consisted of Thomas "Everything" style with Mustard, Deli sliced cheese, and sprouts. These we no ordinary bagel sandwich's but The MotherFucking Best. Damn they were good. We had them with Sunchips, Cheese horns and Vitamin water. Very awesome meal indeed. So we later decided to try the Hot tub which we couldn't avoid using, come on! So we filled it high up so the jets would reached and work right we surrounded the tub top with candles, pills and smokes. So as we are chilling Hilary says "I want Bubbles" well I'd have to agree. So we poured a small bottle of shampoo inside it and well lets say BUBBLE MADNESS!!! The bubbles got huge and wouldn't stop growing. At first we were like shit, shit what we gonna do? So we turned the jets off for a bit realizing
that they were expanding the bubble size LOL. But WTF I want jet power. So I turned them back on
and the bubbles grew more awesome shit. We must have chilled in there for 2 hours it was relaxing and just overall great. We then head out and get comfy and head to bed to watch something on the TV which I can't remember what and eventually fall asleep to wake back up at 9am since we were only staying a night and check out was at 11am THOSE BITCHES!! So yea surprising we woke up on time to get ready and head down to the wharf area and to the Bay Aquarium. But as we leaving our room we decided to head to Pebble Beach which was only like 15mins away. We take this awesome road through the trees down to the beach. We get to the beach and damn it was cold. We walk up to see this tree split apart and broken down. We start taking photos around the tree which we find out from a local that the tree was a landmark and the storm in which just hit Northern California broke the tree down. Damn thats some crazy wind HOLY SHIT!! We head further down the beach in which we explore and take numerous photos. After chilling at the beach for about an hour or two we then head back to the car to go to the Aquarium. So we arrived in the wharf area and park in a garage then walk down to the aquarium. We buy our tickets and head in. First exhibit was Octopus's and fish. The Octopus's looked crazy been long time since either of us have been here and was awesome. We then head to the food court and get a drink and these awesome chocolate covered sun flower seeds very nice. So we then head more into the aquarium exploring all in which we saw jelly fish of all colors and sizes, fish, sharks, weird things, birds, string rays(which I'll add made a mating gesture at Hilary LOL) then Sea otters and many other sea life creatures. We then depart from the amazing Aquarium and lit up a smoke and head back to the car to head to this antique mall we saw the night before driving around looking for food. We head to the store and WOW this place was huge with stuff everywhere possible and 2 stories WOW WEE!!! We got to look around for about 30mins due to the fact they were closing. So the sad part came we had to head back home Nooooooo! Anyways realizing Monterey kicks more ass then our local area but we accept it and continue driving back . Well as we approach closer home I bring up the idea lets go see a movie eat some popcorn, nachos, slurpee and candy. We agreed that depending on show times we would either see AVPR or Sweeny Todd. Well we saw the times and went with Sweeny Todd. Which was an awesome movie indeed much better then I thought it was gonna be. very dark and great story with awesome imagery. Well after the movie we went to Hilary's house for a bit then head to my house where we popped a pill put in Buffy the Vampire slayer season 3 disc on and that concludes our awesome trip.


Hilary Keller
hilarykeller at 2008-01-22 12:44 (UTC) (Link)
For the last damn time it's 8 Fucking Years ! (unless your leaving out that year we split up) Ahhh, great vacation, you left out all the good parts though ;-) I still have 650 Images to play with, and be nostalgic over... Thank you so much for taking me out of this stress-hive for those days. I needed it so much. I'm happy we had a good RELAXING time. Relaxation isn't something we get to experience very often, which makes these trips so much more meaningful.

The octopi were beautiful, but it's the jellies I loved more. Out of all the creatures I'll have to say the otters won my heart over. I took a picture of Murry and Mortimer reading SCI-AMER, on my bed this morning... I do believe I am retarded.

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