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Inner Self


Posted on 2008.04.22 at 22:24
Current Music: King Diamond- A Secret
So yea I have been job hunting as of late at first slacking off of course, but been applying everywhere that seems chill. Well I picked up the pace a bit as of late and GOD DAMN the BAY FUCKING AREA sucks for jobs. Shit we have so many damn people here and what not but jobs man good lord are a bitch to find, Well unless you wanna work at Mickey D's or Jack in the Crack but lets just say "FUCK THAT" didn't work there as a teen not gonna apply in this time frame. So yea thats been my 1st priority as of late but still throwing in time for what not. So a week ago Hilary and I went to the Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth, and Keep of Kalessin show. So we got there as Keep of Kalessin end which sucked that was the band I really wanted to see, but meh their new music has taken more of a trend of these days style, and some people I knew there said they only played new stuff so didn't matter then , for Behemoth well if you seen Behemoth before that was what it was like boring and repetitive. I really enjoy there early 90's workings of old skool Black Metal style but this new Death Metal crossbreed shit is just lame I just don't like, well unless your Zyklon. For Dimmu Borgir wow what a disappointment. I mean shit guys what the fuck?? Band has just gone to shit. It was like fucking mini Ozzfest at the show. Just sad I love their old stuff so much such a shame. OH yea besides arriving late as Hilary and I did we had to buy tickets from a damn scalper. The floor at the Warfield sold out and frankly I'm not one for being stuck in the back of a show. I tend to like to move around and what not. Also noted earlier this month Hilary and I went to the CU LaTour with Ministry there final tour so they are saying. Well sadly this was a terrible show its self as well. They played nothing but the new shit and fuck man enough about President Bush yea he sucks whatever get over it. So when there encore came they brought out a surprise guest which was the Singer of Fear Factory, WTF!!!! Lame , lame , lame dude Fear Factory sucks balls and on the encore they played old songs with this dudes shitty wanna be Death Metal vocals sorry man your no Chris Barnes. So it totally butchered the songs we ended up leaving early.

Thats my concert going details as of late. Next show planning to hit is Arch Enemy at the end of this month I believe or next month. Got some other shows lined up for the summer like the RETURN of AT THE GATES!!!!! So excited! This I'm sure will be damn good. I'm hoping for but nothing is confirmed at this time but King Fucking Diamond is suppose to be hitting the US in Fall for the reschedule tour from the previous canceled one. So weird so my creative drive is usually always up and down, well today when I was getting ready I had this vision of turning this empty 12 pack soda box into this sculpture of blood, flesh and fire. I don't why but it just hit and I remember how awesome the statue looked in Hellraiser 3 : Hell on Earth and I had to start a small personal version. So yea worked on that today for sometime. Musically I'm getting restless tired of nothing happening. Andrew and I aren't gonna be doing anything till June sometime and I just can't find any thing OnLine to DL a program from to create shit and what not. I've been sorta putting small ideas together and getting going on a small scale but still needs much work. I've been going back to my roots to gain that creative root to call it, that I had sometime ago. Kinda lost myself there for a while , and I'm trying to craft myself of a more well rounded musician to say. Oh in some news I have been curving my WoW play cutting it down, getting myself to do other activities. Which I must say has been a nice thing. Wells that sums it up for now, Check you later.


Hilary Keller
hilarykeller at 2008-04-23 06:08 (UTC) (Link)
1st. It's nice that it's been easier to get you out of the house with me, and 2nd. it's been nice to come home tired mon-thurs. not just seeing you on WoW, all day =) No, I swear I don't resent all that free time you have.


"Prombles are Nervousing, as of late UP UPon thy box of ferver is fun and fancy free, WoW Wee. Damn, come with me if you want to Life. Um... all for our happierment =)"

trioxin_b at 2008-04-23 21:14 (UTC) (Link)
give me lovey time, touchy touchy !!! Oh me heart burns for the so soft but strong touch of you. Hey your beautiful come give me touchy touchy!!!!
Hey, it's pretty bitter!
alkmene at 2008-04-23 15:33 (UTC) (Link)
That sucks to hear about Dimmu. I wanted to go to that show but as usual I'm too tired from work or... wait, I can't even remember why I didn't go, LOL. But I talked to a friend of mine yesterday who went to the show and he said that he loved it. I guess it depends on what kinda mood you were in that night. I *really* wanted to check out Ministry but did they really just play the new stuff? D: I should be grateful I didn't go then. I mean, I think their recent album's okay but... c'mon. It's their final tour. They should be playing their old stuff! And I hear you about the Bush bashing. Nobody likes the guy but don't bore the audience with the same tired shit about him. He's gonna leave office soon, so get over it and play some music!

Good luck with the job hunting. Yeah, the Bay Area sucks ass for looking for jobs. All the illegals are snatching them up and yeah, no working at McDonald's or Jack. That's the absolutely bottom of the barrel type of deal. Bret's just waiting to hear from your dad so he can get some work in.
trioxin_b at 2008-04-23 21:13 (UTC) (Link)
Yea you should have went, serious the best thing about the show for Hilary and I was kicking it with friends.I mean I guess Dimmu is good live but like for myself I remember how the band was back in the day and seeing them live at smaller clubs and it was just amazing. So I guess it depends when you get into Dimmu. I've been listening to that band since summer after 6th grade so I remember how the band presented themselves and how it made me feel and just isn't the same anymore. I will always hold Dimmu in a special spot for they are of the first Norwegian bands I came across back in the day, but just isn't the same. Certain people and Media these days has just exploited these bands and I don't blame them for wanting the exposure and money I would too LOL. Need the money to survive and make more music with better equipment. Yea Ministry WOW just disappointing. The first time Hilary and I saw Ministry it was amazing so fucking good. It was before the BUSH madness Al went on so that was nice. But yea 2 hours of new shit was just not what I was expecting. I like some of the new Ministry for sure but it just gets old fast and just isn't the same. WTF has happening to music these days?? Just has gone down the shitter. I don't about you but bands these days and the bands I have come to love have been just lacking in the good music department. I've had to resort to listening to Hatebreed. At least that band has heart behind them. Dude tell me about JOB hunting blows donkey balls. Fuck no Hells no to fast food work, shit I don't even eat at these places unless Taco Bell or In-N-Out. Yea I know Bret was hitting my dad up but tell him to not stop looking. My dad has work but nothing crazy at this moment where he needs extra man power. My dad does commercial plumbing so the only help he really needs is prolly 2-3 guys that can drive to different store locations then him. Just tell that fool to stop being picky and just apply shit what I'm doing. I was being picky but it just doesn't work out you know. Anyways we all should try to kick it sometime for sure.
sarsissexy at 2008-04-23 23:52 (UTC) (Link)
Dude I totally fucking agree on the Ministry show, what the fuck? Waste of $$
The stage set up was awesome, they had a lot to play with but the dude ( I don't care how old he's getting now) didnt bother to get into it at all. The rest of the band stood around and acted like they were the shit and the crowd should bow at their feet. *yawn*
I liked the balloons though.
I also saw behemoth about two years ago, I was laughing it was so bad.
I still have never seen Dimmu live, maybe I should just enjoy my DVD and leave it at that. What was so bad about the show btw?
trioxin_b at 2008-04-25 08:46 (UTC) (Link)
Dude seriously Ministry was a major disappointment and waste of money. I was just expecting a much better show closer to the roots then a shit line of guys with Al and BUSH BUSH BUSH madness, fuck he sucks yea yea move on. Then that fag from Fear Factory just lame. Yea Behemoth is just well lol boring and ridiculous live and I'm not a fan of their new workings so cross them out. Well Dimmu used to have this atmosphere about them live and totally about the music and the feelings of it. Now they act like we the shit worship us. I just can't stand bands like that live just turns me away. When they first hit the stage the sound was so off and sounded horrible for the first 3 songs, so that was lame. It was just a total mini ozzfest. But I would for sure recommend seeing them live at least once you know, actually they are rumored to be playing this years Ozzfest lol.
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