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Inner Self


Posted on 2008.04.22 at 22:24


Hey, it's pretty bitter!
alkmene at 2008-04-23 15:33 (UTC) (Link)
That sucks to hear about Dimmu. I wanted to go to that show but as usual I'm too tired from work or... wait, I can't even remember why I didn't go, LOL. But I talked to a friend of mine yesterday who went to the show and he said that he loved it. I guess it depends on what kinda mood you were in that night. I *really* wanted to check out Ministry but did they really just play the new stuff? D: I should be grateful I didn't go then. I mean, I think their recent album's okay but... c'mon. It's their final tour. They should be playing their old stuff! And I hear you about the Bush bashing. Nobody likes the guy but don't bore the audience with the same tired shit about him. He's gonna leave office soon, so get over it and play some music!

Good luck with the job hunting. Yeah, the Bay Area sucks ass for looking for jobs. All the illegals are snatching them up and yeah, no working at McDonald's or Jack. That's the absolutely bottom of the barrel type of deal. Bret's just waiting to hear from your dad so he can get some work in.
trioxin_b at 2008-04-23 21:13 (UTC) (Link)
Yea you should have went, serious the best thing about the show for Hilary and I was kicking it with friends.I mean I guess Dimmu is good live but like for myself I remember how the band was back in the day and seeing them live at smaller clubs and it was just amazing. So I guess it depends when you get into Dimmu. I've been listening to that band since summer after 6th grade so I remember how the band presented themselves and how it made me feel and just isn't the same anymore. I will always hold Dimmu in a special spot for they are of the first Norwegian bands I came across back in the day, but just isn't the same. Certain people and Media these days has just exploited these bands and I don't blame them for wanting the exposure and money I would too LOL. Need the money to survive and make more music with better equipment. Yea Ministry WOW just disappointing. The first time Hilary and I saw Ministry it was amazing so fucking good. It was before the BUSH madness Al went on so that was nice. But yea 2 hours of new shit was just not what I was expecting. I like some of the new Ministry for sure but it just gets old fast and just isn't the same. WTF has happening to music these days?? Just has gone down the shitter. I don't about you but bands these days and the bands I have come to love have been just lacking in the good music department. I've had to resort to listening to Hatebreed. At least that band has heart behind them. Dude tell me about JOB hunting blows donkey balls. Fuck no Hells no to fast food work, shit I don't even eat at these places unless Taco Bell or In-N-Out. Yea I know Bret was hitting my dad up but tell him to not stop looking. My dad has work but nothing crazy at this moment where he needs extra man power. My dad does commercial plumbing so the only help he really needs is prolly 2-3 guys that can drive to different store locations then him. Just tell that fool to stop being picky and just apply shit what I'm doing. I was being picky but it just doesn't work out you know. Anyways we all should try to kick it sometime for sure.
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