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May 22nd, 2008

Inner Self

Fragments, Pieces, and Chips....

Posted on 2008.05.22 at 02:39
Current Music: White Zombie - Feed the Gods
Well being the slacker I am on updates. I had the urge to write some.In recent news I finally found a JOB!!! Fucking finally shitty ass economy. Well being the regular coffee drinker I am, I actually found a job at a coffee shop which is bad ass. Well haven't really heard had the job but got an interview and being that must make it happen. hardest part finding jobs is always that first interview so after that should be chill lets hope. Interview is on Sunday at 1:30 P.M. which is an awesome time not too early at all. Besides that been playing my WoW very much so kinda a daily ritual of mine or what may some say as a "ADDICTION". Anyways but looking around here and there trying to find some more musicians to work with on a new project of just whatever metal madness we can create through our fucked up minds and creativity. Even though Andrew and I are going to be getting shit going still wanna make music on a more local basis and get out more ideas and passions. Andrew and I I'm sure create some awesome Black metalish stuff but I still have the love for music thats metal based but on a different level then Black Metal. Since spending much time with myself and my girl of course you really discover what you love and appreciate more. With always loving that thrash metal I always enjoy that heavy rockin metal stuff like White Zombie,Pantera, Sturmgeist, King Diamond.Been stuck on a White Zombie kick as of late.Damn wish I could've seen them live back in the 90's would have been so bad fucking ass. Oh well music scenes today just FAIL!!! Haven't really come across anything on the newer side that makes me go Whoa Wow Wee. Moving on couple of days ago My lady and I went up to the Chabot space and science center for a late night Outer space viewing. Man that place is bad ass. The day was just a good one started off with getting up and ready and all the rituals then headed out stop at the good ol Bucks. We got us 2 free drinks which was awesome then we proceeded onwards to the Space and Science center well being late nights they have free viewing of the stars, moon and planets so we got there and parking was free along as getting an up close view of the good outer space. Always have just seen for an eye's view and pictures so seeing those amazing things as if its under a glass right before you was just amazing. To see the ridges and craters on the moon bad ass, hands down. Then looking a cluster of stars 35 million light years away was crazy. It was like 100's of them in this cluster look like space electricity or star fire. I just recently saw Iron Man and the 2nd Narnia Movie's. Iron man started a little slow for me to be honest. But when he gets suited up that was bad ass. Just need some more epic fights being its a super hero marvel movie but I just it was gearing up for the 2nd one which makes sense. For Narnia it was entertaining wasn't some WoW movie but was chill. Just didn't have the same epicness as the first had it's moments. Gonna try to catch new Indiana Jones of course its a must see. Indiana Jones is just awesome. He gets travel see these crazy places, always a new adventure and to top it always get the chick so come on hands down bad ass. I actually wanna catch that new Hulk movie that looks awesome. I'm sure Edward Norton will rock it, looks much better then the one they did few years back. Geez theres your movie updates. Been thinking and come to decide that I'm gonna venture back into school. I really haven't put much thought or work into my future. Always kinda just live day by day and now evaluating myself and future in 5 years from now or when I'm 30 really need to have myself in a good location with some security of surviving through the fucked up world. Gonna pursue my passions but in other ways other then just one. Really work on things that I just find interest and enjoy. I owe many of this credit to Hilary for really sticking by me and helping through things. I don't look at she made me but just brought out those things which inside me I had not paid attention to or just plain ignored in all. Well on that note check you later.

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